Spiritual Work


The difference between a MEDIUM and a PSYCHIC is that :-
A MEDIUM will work with guides and connect to your loved ones In spirit and bring messages of upliftment, love and peace to help with your onward journey from them to you.
A PSYCHIC will work with what is around you at the present time but does not connect with your loved ones but with spirit who see how to help you. Jan can work either way or, usually, both together, in order to give you the guidance, help, peace and love that you seek. An appointment lasts an hour in her quiet and peaceful Healing Room and all she needs from you is your first name and to hold your hand in order to connect with spirit. No decision is made for you, for we all have free will, but different options will be shown to you for you to make your own choices. If you cannot travel to her Healing Room, it is possible for Jan to SKYPE you with a reading. Private COUNSELLING SESSIONS are also available. Please ask Jan.


HEALING is an ancient therapy and is one of the most expressive and nurturing ways of showing love and a desire to heal. Jan will invite you to lay on her healing bed in her quiet and relaxing HEALING ROOM, fully clothed, while she brings her healing guides in with their beautiful healing energies to help your mind and body heal. She will practise hands on healing on heads, arms, legs and back and auric healing (hands above the body in the aura) over bodies. These energies are known to eliminate all negative energy, move any energy blocks and replace them with pure, light energy to help you on every level of healing, i.e. mentally, physically, spiritually etc. After your hourly session, on every level you will feel the benefit and a deep sense of peace and love from the spirit world.


Healing with Clairvoyance is available and you will receive the same beautiful benefit to your body but at the end of the session, Jan brings in any messages from the spirit world that are available at that time making it a lovely way to finish off a beautiful experience.


Workshops are run regularly through the year, usually from 11.00 a.m.- 4.00 p.m. and range from Mediumship, Meditation and Healing, to name but a few. They are always well attended so be sure to book when you see them advertised!

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