International Medium, Healer and Spiritual Minister

International Medium, Healer and Spiritual Minister

International Medium, Healer and Spiritual Minister

I was a shy child but always knew spirits were around and got very worried and frightened when people were hurt or upset and said my prayers because I could not remember what to do. I remember thinking that I would have to “toughen up” a little if I was going to survive down “here”. My first big experience with spirit was when I was 16. I had been very ill with peritonitis, having been off work for 3 months and was travelling by train to work on a very cold day. Everyone in the carriage was shivering in their winter clothes so no one noticed that I was getting hotter and hotter until my eye balls were literally boiling hot ! I was so frightened I said “go away” and it did and I didn’t tell anyone about it for years until a medium said “spirits were knocking on your door years ago”. Of course, I said no, so she recounted to me what had happened and said spirit were trying to show you that you were a healer by healing the people in the carriage !

The busy years went by making a living as a secretary so it wasn’t until I was in my thirties, when my mum died suddenly, that I started getting feelings, thoughts and my first clairvoyant picture. I was married with two children and they were in bed one evening, my husband was reading the paper and I was ironing. Suddenly I could “see” an orange and yellow curtain, which I knew was reminiscent of a hospital curtain on that day. I tried to see behind it – which I could not – but knew something was there. Then I felt a big sigh of relief! I told my husband, who obviously thought I was mad and suggested I didn’t mention it to anyone either! A couple of weeks later I noticed a lump in my breast so went to the doctor. He thought it was nothing but as I was going on holiday the next day for a week, suggested I come back then. Well … the holiday was a disaster, I had written my will ! On returning I was sent to the hospital for a scan and there, to my amazement, was the awful orange and yellow curtain I had seen in my mind, behind was a mammogram machine and, sigh, it was all okay !!!

I attended the Sir Arthur Findlay College at Stanstead as a healer and reluctant medium, for I was getting the messages by then. But to my mind, healing was more important than messages. Little did I understand, that healing can be obtained on many levels by many means – singing, counselling, giving the right message at the right time as well as hands on and auric. After all, we are just the channel of the healing energy, not the decider which way it’s done ! I also sat in some workshops and circles with Tony Stockwell of Street Psychic and 6th Sense and others but always preferred to speak to spirit directly.

My mediumship started taking off and I attended many spiritualist churches in England, psychic fayres, platform demonstrations and did many private readings and healing consultations in France, Florida and now, helping and healing, in the Costa del Sol, where I moved to in February 2014. The energies and ambiance are just wonderful in this area. I am also a Trance Medium, taught by spirit, and have taken many spiritual church services in England.

To this end, in 2014 I was fortunate enough to have been made a Spiritual Minister (Reverend) so I am now able to preside over spiritual weddings (non-religious) ceremonies, funerals and baby naming. Indeed, the knowledge I have attained I use to teach psychic and mediumship circles and also healing courses leading to certificate level and an insurance that is accepted worldwide.

Another service I can offer is to clear unwanted energies or attachments from people, homes, spaces or businesses. As above, so below, there is always good and bad in every walk of life and I have discovered, doing this work, that the ‘bad’ are not usually ‘bad’ at all but angry, fearful or hurt ! I have learnt that all disease in the body comes from imbalance in the mind of unresolved issues. When I take a client back to the time the pain, fever or illness started, and what was upsetting them at that time, it becomes clear that it is an unresolved issue that made them angry, fearful or hurt. When the memory is cleared this starts the healing of the symptom. Healing starts in the mind. A positive mind leads to a positive body. I do healing on animals too – even large ones! – and they don’t tell you where the problem is, you have to find it! And as for those people who can’t come to me ….. well I go to them ! Either by Skype, reading or healing, or by distant healing, which works just as well as when you are in front of me.

So, how can I help you today ? Please leave a message on my Contacts Page and make a step forward today to a newer, happier world !

Love and light to you all, Jan.

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