Ministerial Work


Jan had the honour of being made a SPIRITUAL MINISTER in 2014 and is now a PRINCIPLE MINISTER known for her work in England and Spain for co-ordinating and presenting SPIRITUAL WEDDINGS, RENEWAL OF VOWS AND the very colourful HANDFASTING CEREMONIES. Jan has the ability to tune into the happy couple when she meets them prior to the ‘big day’ and help to make their day the most precious and memorable it can be to make memories for a lifetime. Spiritual weddings can be as formal as you like to emulate a religious ceremony, or as laid back as you like, to making your own vows and walking through ‘spiritual doors’! Its your call and your day !


Again, on meeting the happy couple, Jan finds that many very happy long term, and short term marriages, and partnerships, find this ceremony is perfect and shows the world, again, just how happy you are with each other.


Although this is a very sad time for the whole family, when Jan meets the bereaved she will immediately try to help the situation by listening intently to whatever the family desire for the ceremony, offering suggestions where appropriate with regards to music, poems or readings and getting in touch with the Funeral Directors for the smooth running of the day.
The ceremony is non-religious but can be made so if required. The aim of the day is to start the healing process for, not just the family, but for all the friends and colleagues to understand that death is not the end. Quite in fact, it is the beginning of a new phase in the lives of the departed, that their spirit lives on, and that they will be waiting patiently for your return to them at the appointed time.
Me at my ordination 24.3.13


Baby naming ceremonies are now quite the thing as the religious ceremonies are not always wanted by the new parents of today ! They are great fun ! The parents get to choose what is said, what music is played, what poems are said and God parents are replaced with Guiding parents ! You can choose where you want it, when, if you want to plant a tree or sign a book or have two siblings baby named together ! Sometimes new parents are waiting for the baby’s 1st birthday and baby naming them at the same time and finding out the lessons and spiritual work your child has chosen to do in this incarnation ! All in all, it’s a great day for everyone, especially Baby !


Handfasting, so we are told, began in the 1600’s, long before the wedding ringHandfasting Ceremony was thought of and was, primarily, a Betrothal, an agreement. If a man and a woman wanted to live together, they petitioned the elder of the village and made a pledge or betrothal over the anvil at the local blacksmith, that if they were still together and in love a year and a day later, that the local priest would be called to make them man and wife.
Today, Jan presents a beautiful ceremony in the woods, or on a beach, in your garden, where she brings in the energies of North, South, East and West, and the elements they control and the natural energies of earth, wind, fire and water and invites the couple to make their own vows and ties their wrists with 13 colourful ribbons. Each ribbon depicts different qualities the couple hope to bring to their union, i.e. faith, love, patience, fidelity, etc. and their rings and ribbons are blessed in the presence of their loved ones as they walk through the spiritual door to their new life. Perfect!

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