I have been working as a Spiritual Medium for over 24 years  in England, France, Florida and now Spain, where I live in El Coto, near Mijas, Malaga on the beautiful Costa Del Sol.  I also run psychic circles and workshops and can work physically, by telling you what is going on around you, or on a mediumistic level by tuning into your loved ones in the spirit world and getting uplifting messages of love, hope and inspiration to help you with your onward journey.

I am a NATURAL SPIRITUAL HEALER, trained, qualified and certificated with the Corinthian Church and Healing Association to do hands on or auric (above the body) healing which takes place in my healing room, fully clothed, in relaxing and private conditions in El Coto.

From last February 2013 I was honoured to be made a Spiritual Minister (Reverend). This attainment is recognition of my work so far and means i work on a non-religious basis. I can now offer my services for spiritual weddings, funerals or baby naming ceremonies. These ceremonies do not replace the formal certification of marriage required in some European countries but are a spiritual ceremony where the bride and groom are not restricted to a formal ceremony and can make their own vows to each other and the ceremony can take place anywhere, inside or outside of buildings, in the woods, by the sea, as long as prior consent is obtained on private property.  From February 2013 I was honoured to be made a Spiritual Minister (Reverend) and, indeed, this year I have been honoured again to become a Senior Spiritual Minister.

Other ministerial services include: the clearing of negative energies in homes, offices, land and attachment of entities of people. As well as presiding over spiritual services in centres and, of course, counselling and healing for the bereaved, homeless and sick.